Gastric and Duodenum Lavage

INDICATION:  Gastric and Duodenum lavages are actually beneficial for gastritis, inadequate population or deficiency of endocrine secretory cells in the secretory process, Cholecystitis, duodenitis, gallbladder dyskinesia, colitis and enterocolitis.

RESULT: metabolism and evacuation of food from stomach to intestines are improved, inflammation of the lining in stomach and duodenum is extinguished and the mucous membrane damaged by inflammatory starts to recover.

Gastric Lavage – 35 GEL
Duodenum Lavage – 40 GEL

Hydro Colonotherapy (Intestinal Lavage With Mineral Water)

INDICATION: The procedure is beneficial for constipation, dysbiosis, excess weight, dermatitis, prostatitis - decrease in potency, infertility, allergic reactions. RESULT: Bacterial flora is normalized, stool is regulated and soft, flatulence reduced, inflammation process slowed down, urination and function of prostates improved, excess weight reduced and etc.

Micro-Enema With Medicinal Herbs And Oils

INDICATION: The procedure is beneficial for proctitis, colitis, and flatulence and has an anti-inflammatory antispasmodic effect.

Gynecological Lavage With Mineral Water

INDICATION: The procedure is beneficial for chronicle endometritis, erosion, menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, vaginit and vulvit. RESULT: inflammation is extinguished and mucous membrane starts to recover.

Manuel Underwater Massage/Mineral Bath

INDICATION: The procedure is beneficial for skeletal system pathologies (pain in joints and muscles), spine injury, osteochondrosis and radiculo-nevrit, climacteric syndrome, metabolism. RESULT: stimulation of blood circulation, metabolism and trophic, normalization of excess weight Walls of the blood vessels become stiffer recovering their elasticity, swelling is reduced.

Pearl Baths, Vishy Shower, Circular, Ascending Shower

INDICATION: The procedure is beneficial for posttraumatic aesthenic syndrome, decreased skin elasticity, chronic fatigue, stress, insomnia, metabolism, bone-joints system diseases (arthritis, arthrosis). RESULT: Skin is enriched with oxygen and is firmed, pain in joints and small back is reduced, output of toxins and waste from your body is enhanced.

Mineral Bath

INDICATION: The procedure is beneficial for heart disease and blood circulation disorders, (heart diseases, coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, peripheral vascular diseases and etc.); Central Nervous System Diseases and Inflammation; Musculoskeletal system Diseases (chondropathy, osteopathic dysfunction, periosteal disease); Respiratory diseases (bronchitis); Gynecological diseases; Excess weight; Skin diseases and inflammatory processes; Climax; The easiest form of diabetes mellitus; Thyroid gland disorders; Diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, colitis, enterocolitis). RESULT: Mineral effect on the skin and their absorption through the pores.

Coniferous Bath

INDICATION: The procedure is beneficial for Osteochondrosis, neurodermatitis, upper respiratory system disorders, excess weight. Coniferous extract with a light odor of forest in combination of several mineral products added in the bath has an antibacterial, immediate wound healing, health-improving and aromatherapy effect. RESULT: Stimulates the processes of cell regeneration, lipid degradation, detoxification, balanced skin thermoregulation with a visible healing effects.

Lavender Bath

INDICATION: The procedure is beneficial for Neurosis, functional disorders of the central nervous system, vein-vascular dystonia, climacteric syndrome, prostatitis, prostate adenoma, insomnia. RESULT: Positive effect of this procedure is the improvement of blood circulation and rapid pain relief. The scent of lavender calms the nervous system as well.

Wine Bath

Wine bath infused with the beneficial bioactive ingredients is distinguished with the antioxidant effect. It helps to expel toxins and waste from body. Wine baths boost your immune system, release tension in nervous system and muscles, increase the stiffness of blood vessel, activate blood circulation, nourish skin, reduce cellulite, slow down the aging process and has a rejuvenating effect.

Milk & Lemon Bath

This rich cocktail of vitamins moisturizes and softens the skin, improves skin turgor and elasticity, firms the wrinkles. It deeply cleans the skin and lightens the pigmentation spots. The lemon additionally helps against the cellulite.

Vishy shower

High-velocity turbulent stream of air-enriched water stimulates the lymph and blood circulation, relieves the chronic fatigue and helps against the cellulite. It also improves metabolism and calms the central nervous system.

Ascending Shower

It is a local action shower frequently indicated for urological, gynecological and proctologic diseases. The shower is beneficial for lesser pelvic cavity, increases the stiffness of lesser pelvic wall muscles, has an anti-inflammatory and sedative effects and is recommended when chronic prostatitis, sterility, hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence and other pathologies. The therapeutic effects of this shower include the improvement of skin structure, positively effects on internal organs of the human body. High-velocity stream of water improves metabolic processes in cells and organism, enhances the output of toxins and waste from your body. The circular shower is recommended for excess weight, insomnia, neurological diseases and other pathologies.

Marine Salt Bath

INDICATION: The procedure is beneficial for  bone-joints system diseases   (arthritis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis),  atherosclerosis, dermatitis, excess weight and cellulite.

RESULT: Marine salt infused with such micro-elements as Bromine, Iron, Iodine, Selenium, and Magnesium actively effects on nerve endings that improves the metabolism.

Gum Irrigation With Mineral Water

The ions of mineral water deeply penetrate in damaged gums through the direct contact and treat them effectively (i.e. paradontosis).  As soon as the water ions penetrate into blood they spread throughout the body, providing its preventive protection. They have immediate wound healing effect. Body becomes more resistant to infectious diseases.

Repeat this procedure for a few times and you will solve the problem of bleeding gums and bad breath.

Inhalation With Mineral Water

The therapeutic effect of this procedure is based on the consistence of mineral water: a lot of useful ingredients quickly absorbed after evaporation.

The generated steam instantly passes through the lungs and makes the phlegm thinner, accelerates the process of its expulsion from the body.

Paraffin Therapy

INDICATION: The procedure is beneficial for skeletal system diseases, respiratory diseases and gastroenterological diseases, such as: gastritis, colitis, cholecystitis. Also procedure is beneficial for gynecological, urological, dermatological diseases.

This thermal treatment increases body temperature, softens the skin, opens pores, stimulates regenerative processes, relaxes the muscles and strengthens the cellular metabolism.


The method of this treatment is performed using the natural and artificially created different physical factors (Laser, electric and magnetic field, ultrasound, heat and etc.)

Physiotherapy is successfully used in all medical spheres: surgery, stomatology, gynecology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, urology, neurology, traumatology, cardiology, pediatrics etc.

Medical Massages

Back and shoulder Massage - 95 GEL

Massage of upper extremities - 50 GEL

Head Massage - 50 GEL

Massage of lower extremities - 95 GEL

Deep back massage with bamboo - 95 GEL

Deep massage of upper extremities with bamboo - 95 GEL


Doctor Therapist Consultation – 50 GEL

Doctor Endocrinologist Consultation – 50 GEL

Doctor Gynecologist Consultation – 50 GEL

Doctor Cardiologist Consultation – 50 GEL

Doctor Pediatrician Consultation – 50 GEL


Full research of the abdominal cavity – 70 GEL

Examination of the urinary system – 40 GEL

Gynecological examination – 40 GEL

Gallbladder examination – 40 GEL

Laboratory Tests

General blood analysis – 25 GEL

General urine analysis – 25 GEL

Glucose – 15 GEL

Prothrombin, INR – 25 GEL

Blood group / Rh factor – 25 GEL

Helicobacter pylori test - 40 GEL

Rheumatism test – 25 GEL

Liver function (full) – 65 GEL

Determination of blood electrolytes Na, K, Ca, P, Mg, Fe – 35 GEL

Lipid metabolism – 25 GEL

Renal function (Creatinine, Urea / blood, urine) – 40 GEL

Coagulogram – 30 GEL

HIV – 20 GEL

Hepatitis B – 25 GEL

Hepatitis C – 25 GEL

Syphilis – 25 GEL

Gastric juice acidity research – 25 GEL

Definition of duodenal contents – 25 GEL

General Fecal analysis – 25 GEL

Fecal occult blood test – 30 GEL

Fecal analysis on helminths eggs – 25 GEL

Alfa Amilaze – 25 GEL

Vaginal Test – 25 GEL

Drip – 35 GEL

PCR Test  "covid-19" - 70 GEL

D-dimer - 60 GEL